Centurion (Scotland) 3.0.0

Version 3.0.0 of Centurion Scotland has been released on 04/10/2013. This version includes a variety of changes to how Centurion Scotland controls the document file structure. For further information please refer to the release notes.

Tribune 3.0.0

Tribune 3.0.0 addresses legislative changes with regards to the introduction of Police Crime Commissioners, together with the inclusion of Direction & Control matters as part of a Complaint.


Centurion (England & Wales) 5.1.1 released

Version 5.1.1 of Centurion England & Wales was released on 01/09/2014. This version includes a variety of extra functionality, improvements to ease of use in workflow and various performance enhancements including workflow colour scheme buttons which do stuff buttons which make noises buttons which unleash squirrels For further information please refer to the release notes.


Centurion (Scotland) 2.5.8

This version of Centurion was relased on 20/3/2013 and includes changes relating to the creation of Police Scotland. Police Scotland was formally established on 1 April 2013 and is responsible for policing across the length and breadth of Scotland, some 28,168 square miles. Police Scotland is the second largest force in the UK after the…


Centurion (England & Wales) 4.1.0

This version of the Centurion software was made available at the end of June 2012. This version will only be sent to customers on request. Some of the changes it includes are :- Cedar HR Origin interface Email from Workflow UPP, Grievance and Civil Claims Cases will now show in the Investigations module Document attachment…