Police Perpetrated Violence against women and Girls

Having previously supported the VAWG task force to introduce three new VAWG National Factors into Centurion, we have continued to support the task force to formulate bespoke Centurion reports which have enabled all Forces in England and Wales to provide consistent data to inform the First violence against women and girls benchmark report.

Image of conference stand

PSD Conference 2022

FIS attended the 2022 PSD conference in Stratford where we had a very positive 2 days interacting with lots of forces about our future plans, health checks, and training. We look forward to giving out more updates soon on our new web application and BI tool Insights. Look out for the next release of our…


Centurion English 7.2.0 Released

Version 7.2.0 of Centurion English has been released and is now available to download from the member’s area. Please contact support through the member’s area for further assistance relating to this release or by visiting https://force-uk.com/support


Centurion English 7.2.0 Release Date Update

The release of Centurion English 7.2.0 will be delayed due to late requests for application and database changes. We expect this delay to be between 4 to 6 weeks, at most. We apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result of this development. If you require further information relating to this release, please contact us…