Gatekeeper vetting software is one of FIS’s new suite of applications building on the knowledge of working with professional standards departments for over 20 years. It conforms to the latest ACPO/ACPOS standards documents available for vetting in the police forces of the UK. It provides a direct interface to the FIS Centurion application to allow staff to check any historical and current case histories, which might include complaints, conduct, business interests, UPP, grievance and taint


  • Recording of the following vetting types:-
    • recruitment
    • management
    • enhanced management
    • non-police personnel (1), (2) & (3)
    • national security
    • other force vetting
  • Gatekeeper maintains high data quality by data validation from initial creation of a case right through to case closure
  • administrator definable options allow the application to setup progress checklist items for each vetting type to help make sure a vetting record (case) has had all its checks performed. An alternative method to this would be to attach an electronic document to the vetting record
  • customised options to set advanced warning, annual and expiry warning time scales for each vetting type
  • the ability to attach photos to a vetting record to assist in maintaining force security in a front desk environment
  • cross field searching – allowing the user to quickly search for a surname such as “Green” in multiple places and return records that match the search criteria. This speeds up the user’s ability to find information in a quick and reliable manner
  • including the recording of :-
    • applications made
    • internal sponsors
    • interviews
    • progress entries
    • vetting results
    • appeal results
    • rejected reasons
    • photos
    • organisation
    • other force requests – including associated persons
    • persons/associated persons/other names.


The following training can be undertaken :-

  • Case builder, administration, access and document management (2 days)
  • Queries and Crystal Reports 2008 (2 days).


“BTP have benefited considerably from the introduction of PDF form functionality to Gatekeeper, not only has it saved numerous hours of manual inputting and increased accuracy, it has also assisted the vetting process including spending less time chasing missing details. It has transformed the way in which vetting applications are processed.”
Fiona MacCallum, Professional Standards Department, British Transport Police.

“The transition of our current vetting and intelligence databases over to Gatekeeper and Optio went very smoothly and we are now using both of these applications with ease. The communication in relation to this was superb and all of our requests were satisfied. There was a fair bit of preparation work on the Gatekeeper side of things as there are so many more “rules” in vetting to think of. We are still finding our feet and each additional request for reports, etc. is acted upon effectively and to our satisfaction.”
Professional Standards Department, Civil Nuclear Constabulary