Centurion is an easy to use yet sophisticated product for case recording, management and process control of Police Professional Standards data. Reporting and management information is an important part of this software solution.

Centurion has evolved to meet the ever-changing requirements of Professional Standards since the mid-80s. It contains a wealth of functionality, mostly user-configurable and is the product of tens of years of development.

All Police Services in the United Kingdom use Centurion or a derivative thereof.

It offers:

  • Easy to use police complaints and conduct system
  • Additional case types for civil claims, UPP, grievance, business interests, hospitality & gratuities
  • Document management
  • Workflow management that provides a clear view of on-going work
  • Investigation management including full audit trail of all tasks and results
  • Management information.


Recording of the following case types:-

  • Complaints
  • Conduct
  • Miscellaneous
  • Inbox
  • Business interests
  • UPP
  • Grievances
  • Hospitality & Gratuities
  • LPB (Local Policing Body)
  • Direction and Control
  • Civil claim
  • Legislation changes – current cases displayed and processed in accordance with current procedures and regulations historic data available in terms appropriate to the complaints and conduct processes in use at the time
  • Data quality results in high data validation from the initial creation of a case right through to case closure
  • System generated messages when case and/or allegation thresholds are reached when entering new information
  • Easy access to case and allegation histories
  • Action management – this is achieved by individuals and groups completing tasks through workflow facilities. Electronic documents can be placed in the task list of an appropriate decision maker to evaluate, then be passed to another individual or group to create the correct type of case or attach to an existing Centurion case workflow. All enabling the ability to work with ‘paper less’ procedures
  • Investigations – the ability to monitor the investigation processes of a case by an investigating officer, including the recording of terms of reference, investigation plan and investigation actions. This enables the management of investigations by individual investigating officers and by others for supervision purposes
  • Documents – Centurion data can be merged into standard letters and other documents with or without further user input
  • Attachments – any external electronic document can be placed into a Centurion directory and attached to a case including audio and video files
  • 50+ comprehensive management information reports supplied as standard
  • Ad-hoc query facility – queries can be formulated to extract data and saved for future use
  • Staff import – Centurion can import staff data from HR departments via a Comma Separated Value (CSV) data file
  • Person and staff linking-ability to link individual records, of particular use where a member of staff has two roles within the organisation e.g. police staff and special constable. Allegation and case histories are combined where appropriate
  • XML data transfer to the IOPC for statistical purposes
  • Ability to place security on almost every piece of data and functionality within Centurion. Functionality can be removed for certain users. Individual users can be restricted to viewing but not updating specific items of data
  • Security can be placed on cases to mark them as Sensitive, so that only authorised people can see them. Whole case types can be made inaccessible to certain users of Centurion
  • Auditing – all records and data therein can be audited, including who has created, amended or even viewed certain records
  • Weeding – removal of cases, but also the prior removal of complainant and subject information as rules permit
  • Centurion can operate in a Citrix thin client environment, which may improve application performance and help to reduce software deployment costs
  • The Centurion database can be deployed on Oracle, SQL Server or Access to suit IT department preferences and skills
  • Designed to allow multi-force collaboration.


We offer regularly scheduled role based training in all areas:

  • System Administrator
  • Investigators
  • Administrators/Clerks
  • Hearings and Meetings
  • Management Information/Performance

Bespoke training can also be arranged.


“Although we had encountered some expected data issues during testing overall everything went smoothly to plan. It was a straight forward process made simple by the experience and expertise of FIS. All projects should be like this!”

Terry Adkins, ICT project manager, Warwickshire police.